Welcome to the Homepage of the Translational Electrophysiology Laboratory

The Translational Electrophysiology Laboratory is an experimental arm of the Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems Research Group operating within the Department of Computational Sciences at Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Laboratory operates on the campus of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of Semmelweis University. The Translational Electrophysiology Laboratory works in close collaboration with the Research Group for Cerebral Cortical Modularity.

Our Work

We perform electrophysiological experiments in rodents in vivo under general anesthesia or in freely moving conditions. Multi-channel neurophysiological recordings in freely moving studies are supplemented with video and used primarily for the analysis of oscillatory electrical brain activity as well as conducting sleep studies. Combined with different techniques of sensory stimulation enables us to perform electrodiagnosis in disease models. Primary goal of our work is to set up biomarker studies to research translational biomarkers, such as intermediate phenotypes of psychiatric or neurological disorders as well as to analyze effects of drugs or candidate molecules on these measures.